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News & Events

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November 13-16

Bouchercon 2014, Long Beach, CA

June 17

US release of The Qualities of Wood print edition

June 5

The Qualities of Wood print edition released in the UK

April 5

Literary Orange, Irvine, CA

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September 20-22

Southern California Writers Conference in Newport Beach, CA. Workshop: Time Out: Rethinking Your Editing Process

June 24

Listen to me read an excerpt from The Qualities of Wood on The Next Best Book Blog's Audio Series.

June 6

Interview with Jaime Boler at Bookmagnet.

March 21-24

Left Coast Crime mystery convention, Colorado Springs, CO. Panels: Literary Inspirations for Traditional Mysteries and Where Do Come Down on Genre?

February 15-18

Southern California Writers' Conference, San Diego, CA. Join me at this wonderful conference for writers and readers and visit me at my workshop: Leaving a Virtual Imprint.

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December 13, 2012

Just in: HarperCollins will publish a print edition of The Qualities of Wood in 2014!! Watch for news here!

November 1

Book Club Visit
Book Club Visit, Irvine, California

October 25

"The Issue of Genre" Guest blog at

September 23, afternoon

Book Club visit, Newport Beach, CA

September 21-23

Southern California Writers' Conference in Newport Beach, CA. I'm leading a workshop entitled "Outside Genre: How Story Trumps Convention." Info and registration available here

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